Mind Brain Body Soul

Human body is a very awesome machine having wonderful spare parts ( organs). Controlled by brain computre and mind software . Life force energy the bioelectic current is required for running this machine. All spare parts of this machine works in harmony when bio electric current is at proper voltage and brin computer run its optimum captivity if mind software is up to date and free from viruses. All our behaviour habit attitude are our programmes of this mind software which we acquire during our life by our society parents teachers and media information etc. sometimes we recives virus in our mind software ( bad habits addictions negative emotions etc) which cause disturbance in easyness of body brain and mind resulting in diseases. This mBBs program is a unique integration of medical science to understand our body and brain and metaphysical science to understand mind and bioelectricity ( spirit). Once we understand this mbbs holistic concept we can achieve 7 dimensional wellness in life. All the actions we perform and don’t perform are the result of our subconscious thoughts. This subconscious mind is the motherboard of our brain  computer storing, running and refreshing all the thoughts,decisions and plans that we make every single day .To change our actions and ultimately our life we must start by changing our thoughts. Most people try to change their thoughts at conscious level. This does not work because the change is not driven by inner feelings. The action will not stick if conscious thoughts and subconscious feelings collide. You can reprogram your subconscious mind drive of your computer by NLP neurolinguistic programming science @ www.positivehealthzone.in A unique program for 15 yr to 115 yr Age group for health wealth happiness . Integration of physical science of body and brain with metaphysical science of mind and spirit( life force energy). Consciousness One of the critical missing areas of knowledge in our current medical curriculum is an understanding of the subtle energetic anatomy, known today as the human Biofield. Without a scientific model to explain the ancient systems of healing that use concepts such as Chi – Prana – Life Force, you are essentially reducing the human being to a mechanistic model in which only a pharmaceutical or surgical force can be applied to cure disease. In conclusion, there is more than the currently taught science-based medical model of chemical and biological structures and functions: there is the reality of the Biofield, more accepted now since quantum physics has laid out a foundation to integrate its energetic reality. Drawing from advances in quantum biology and biophysics, the Five Bodies of Consciousness will provide a scientific perspective with solid theoretical foundations supported by empirical evidence of how the Chakras, Meridians, Marvelous Vessels, and the Five Bodies can be understood within this multidimensional holographic matrix.